Wooden Wagon Plans – Things to Consider in Building a Wagon

Whether you’re going to build a wagon as a toy for your kid or for some other purposes, the basics of wagon construction is the same. And what’s more is that this is a structure which you can easily build yourself if you have the inclination for DIY. You will just need good wooden wagon plans for this.

You can find several uses for a wagon. I remember as a kid of owning a wagon myself and having a blast in riding it during the summer. additionally, you can also build wagons for your animals. This is especially needed in farms. Horses and mules are the most common animals pulling these structures.

To build a wagon yourself, there are some things you need to be aware of. You have to plan things through so you will have an easy time during construction. Some things to consider include:

Size of the Wagon

You have to thoroughly consider the size of your wagon. The amount of materials you are going to use are dependent on this factor so you have to determine the dimension way before you start the construction.

The size of your wagon depends heavily on its purpose. If it’s going to be used as a toy for your kids, build something that can accommodate at least 2 kids. It’s no fun for kids to have to ride a wagon all by themselves. If the wagon is for transportation, however, the amount of load the horse or mule can carry will ave to be considered.


It is not costly to build a wagon yourself. In fact, all you’ll be needing for basic wagon construction are: wooden slats, wagon handle, hardwood, wheels and basic woodworking tools. Hard wood is used as a base because it is sturdy enough to hold the wagon together.

As for the wheels, you have the option of buying a ready made one or making one yourself. If you opt to build one, you have to make sure that it is strong enough to be able to carry the weight of the load. Additionally, you have to see to it that the wheels is securely attached to the wagon.

Wooden Wagon Plans

Construction would be so much easier if you have the help of wooden wagon plans. Not only will you be able to go through the whole process without any glitches, it proves to be a massive time saver as well. It’s definitely to your advantage to use top notch blueprints for this project.

To make sure you’ll be using blueprints with excellent quality, you have to choose one with step by step instructions and a complementary detailed working diagrams. Both of these will make the instruction easier to understand and implement.

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