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Many people believe that the shaker cabinets are the best choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets because of a countless number of reasons. Especially, the grey shaker cabinets because they can be installed in any room with any shape, color or design. They look so elegant that you will simply love them. They are the perfect solution for those who want to renovate their kitchen or bathroom. When you look for cabinets, there are basically two types of doors that are presented to you.

There are shakers and slabs. Both have their own unique qualities and features, so you have a plenty of options to choose from. Slabs are the basic ones with no detailing whatsoever. They are the basic piece of wood, but look beautiful. The slabs don’t lack in elegance or style, so people who want to give a stylish and classy look to their kitchen or bathroom can opt for the slabs. The Shakers are quite different and you will find lots of designs and textures on them. The Shakers are the first choice to make classic cabinets, which can last for many years.

In shaker style, you will find more texture and unique patterns, which looks like concentric squares or rectangles. The fact that it lasts for a longer period of time makes this type more popular among the people. The shaker style will easily blend with any bathroom or kitchen style without losing its own charm. It will be equally charming, even when you see it ten years from now.

It hardly matters what kind of house you live in because this style of cabinet is going to completely change the look of your bathroom or kitchen or both. Another enticing feature of the shaker style cabinet is the wide array of woods and color options. As I have mentioned above about the looks of the grey shaker cabinets, which are quite astonishing. But, there are several more colors that you can choose according to your taste. If you are in the mood to think about saving the environment, then you can choose the bamboo cabinets option as well. If you want to go with the wooden one, then you have got a plenty of options. Online stores and actual markets are flooded with wooden options, so you can buy oak, birch, cherry or any other of your choice.

The doors of the cabinets look good, whether you paint it with your favorite color or varnish it or leave alone as it is. You can see the design of your bathroom or kitchen, and then decide what is actually required. If you think that painting is the right way to enhance the looks, then you can paint the doors with the right color. Let me give you a piece of advice, if you want to give a spacious feel to your room, then you should paint the cabinet with a light color. It will look beautiful and you will feel a lot more spacious too.

Many people prefer to integrate the shaker cabinets with granite worktops. Well, it looks beautiful, so if you want to integrate the granite worktops, then you can tell the supplier. The cabinets will look completely outstanding and it will be hard for you to take your eyes away from the cabinets. The worktops will be so smooth, flat and versatile that it will certainly enhance the looks of your kitchen or bathroom. The best feature that you get with these cabinets is the feature to customize the cabinets according to your own taste. You can add or remove the components easily in these cabinets.

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